7 Cyclone Michaung Facts Everyone Must Know

Cyclone Michaung
Cyclone Michaung Hits Andhra Pradesh's Bapatla Coast

Check out these interesting facts about Cyclone Michaung:

Name: Michaung, a name symbolizing resilience and fortitude, proposed by Myanmar.

Development: Sixth cyclone in the Indian Ocean this year, fourth in the Bay of Bengal.

Wind Speed: Roaring with winds up to 110 kph (70 mph).

Landfall: Struck India's east coast near Bapatla, Andhra Pradesh.

Damage: Tragically, it resulted in at least 13 deaths, with eight lives lost in rain-related incidents in Chennai.

Location: Moving northwards at 10 kmph, the cyclone made landfall between Nellore and Kavali in Andhra Pradesh.

Impact: Heavy rainfall and strong winds left a mark on the affected regions.

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