Cyclone Michaung News Throughout The Day

Cyclone Michaung updates
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Cyclone Michaung has unleashed havoc in Andhra Pradesh and Chennai, leaving a trail of challenges for residents and authorities. Here's a brief roundup of the latest updates: Heavy Rainfall and Dam Overflow: Triggering heavy rain, Michaung caused dam overflows in two Andhra Pradesh districts.

Relief Challenges in Andhra Pradesh: Criticism arose as Andhra Pradesh faced difficulties providing food and shelter to Cyclone Michaung victims, according to statements by Chandrababu Naidu.

Assistance Efforts in Chennai: NLC India dispatched a 16-member team to aid in water flushing from cyclone-hit areas in Chennai. Navy boats were deployed on Chennai roads to rescue stranded locals.

National Response: 29 NDRF teams are actively engaged in relief and rescue operations.

Landfall Details: Michaung made landfall with wind speeds ranging from 90-100 km/hr, as reported by officials.

Celebrities and Political Figures React: Cricketer Ravichandran Ashwin urged everyone to remain cautious even if the rain stops. Rahul Gandhi called on Congress workers to assist in the aftermath of Cyclone Michaung.

Chennai Airport Disruption: Over 1,000 IndiGo flights across India were affected due to the shutdown of Chennai Airport. Operations at Chennai Airport have now resumed.

Regional Impact and Government Actions: The landfall process is complete, and the storm is expected to weaken. The toll in rain-hit Chennai has risen to 17. IMD predicts an indirect impact on Northeastern states, Jharkhand, and Bihar.

Seeking Assistance and Local Challenges: Tamil Nadu Chief Minister MK Stalin requested Rs 5,000 crore in Central assistance for flood-ravaged Chennai. In Tirupati, offices and hospitals faced inundation with ankle-deep water.

As the situation unfolds, the combined efforts of local authorities, national agencies, and community support are crucial for effective recovery from Cyclone Michaung's aftermath.

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