India Weather: Northeast India to Receive Light to Moderate Rains

India Weather Forecast (05-02-22)
India Weather Forecast (05-02-22)

East & Northeast India:
Under the influence of circulation over sub-Himalayan West Bengal at low tropospheric levels extending up to mid-troposphere, and a trough extending from it till north bay of Bengal at 925 hPa. Due to these weather systems, the cool air is meeting with warm moist air over northeast and adjoining eastern india. 

Wind Analysis 850 hpa:

Wind Analysis 850 hpa
Wind Analysis 850 hpa

Under this scenario, light to moderate rains/ thunderstorms are likely in eastern Bihar, the first half of the day, and northeast India during 2nd half of the day as weather systems move west to east. Sikkim and Arunachal Pradesh are likely to witness light to moderate snowfall.

Northwest India:
Dense fog is likely to be seen in the plain of northwest india. Cold day conditions are likely in isolated pockets of Haryana, Punjab, Delhi, and western U.P. There will be no rainfall/snowfall today.

Central India:
Similar weather conditions will prevail in central india. Not much temperature change, min/max could be close to yesterday's observation. Parts of Madhya Pradesh will observe dense fog. Clear sky conditions will prevail.

South India:
Dry weather conditions will persist in south india. No weather system is affecting the weather of south India.

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