India Weather Forecast for Eid-e-Milad 2020 | Dry Weather over Northwest, Central and East India; Rainy in South & Northeast India

Eid-e-Milad is celebrated all over the world with great enthusiasm

Eid-e-Milad is a very important festival for Muslims. It is celebrated to honor the birth of Prophet Muhammad, it is also known as Nabi Day, Mawlid, or Muhammad's birthday. Eid-e-Milad is celebrated all over the world including India with great enthusiasm. In India, Eid-e-Milad is celebrated with great joy and spirit. on the day of Eid-e-Milad, people start their day with a morning prayer followed by a large gathering in mosques. The stories of Prophet Mohammad are taught and narrated to the Children as mentioned in the Quran. The relatives and friends are invited to the festival.

It is believed that on the 12th day of Rabee-ul-awwal in 570 CE, the Prophet was born in Mecca. It is also known as Mawlid an-Nabi or Milad an-Nabi. In Arabic, the word "Mawlid" means to give birth or bear a child. The Sunnis celebrate the festival on the 12th of the month and Shias celebrate it on the 17th of the month.

The Weather plays a crucial role during festivals as it can disrupt or bring the festival celebrations to halt, so now let's have a look at the weather forecast.

North-West India Weather on Eid-e-Milad:

Eid-e-Milad gathering in Delhi (Pic: One India)

The Weather of Northwest India is almost clear and sunny from the beginning of September. It hardly rained in the month of September as well as in the month of October with many places recording deficit rains. Now the Southwest Monsoon has also retreated from not only northwest India but from the entire country. The weather of Northwest India on Eid-e-Milad will be dry and clear. The weather in Delhi will be mainly clear and comfortable, max temperature likely to hover around 31C and min around 12C with mainly clear sky conditions. Jaipur weather will be clear and pleasant with max/min temperature hovering around 33C and 17C. altogether there will be clear & comfortable day conditions over entire Northwest India and Cool & Chilly conditions during night/ morning. This concludes that the weather will not cause any problems in festival celebrations in entire northwest India.

Central India Weather on Eid-e-Milad:

Eid-e-Milad celebrations in Mumbai

Central India received abundant rainfall during the entire southwest monsoon season as well as in the month of October. This Eid-e-Milad the weather over all the states of central India will be clear and dry with mild hot afternoon and evening. The weather of financial capital Mumbai will be almost clear skies with hot & humid weather conditions, max and min temperature to hover around 35C and 23C respectively. Ahemdabad weather will be dry and clear with max & min temperature hovering around 34C & 20C respectively. Altogether the weather in Central India will be clear & hot during the daytime and mild during the night. There might be some minor inconvenience during the afternoon but all over good weather for Eid-e-Milad celebrations.

East & Northeast India Weather on Eid-e-Milad:

Muslims praying in Kolkata (Hindustan Times)

This year east & northeast India too received good rainfall during Monsoon season. This Eid-e-Milad the weather over the region is expected to be dry and clear with a comfortable night. The weather of Kolkata will be almost clear, dry and humid with bright sunny day. max and min temperature will be around 32C & 24C. Guwhati weather will be foggy in the morning and hot & humid in afternoon, night will be comfortable. max & min temperature around 33C & 23C. There is some possibility of light rains over Meghalaya, south Assam, Nagaland, manipur, mizoram and tripura but it will not cause any problems. Thus their will be no hindarence from the weathers side. 

South India Weather on Eid-e-Milad:

Eid-e-Milad prayers in Chennai 

As Southwest Monsoon retreats completely from the country, at the same time south India welcomes Northeast Monsoon and it is very crucial for the state of Tamilnadu. Already northeast monsoon has arrived in south India. Due to the weather system in bay, there will be rain/thunderstorms over south peninsular India specifically over South interior Karnataka, Kerela and some parts of Tamilnadu and rayalaseema. Bengarulu will receive light rains and sky conditions will become cloudy towards evening, max and min around 29C and 19C respectively. Hyderabad will be dry and clear with hot day conditions, max and min around 32C and 18C respectively. Altogether there will be light rains/ thundershowers over some parts of South India but they are unlikely to cause any trouble. Thus South India will celebrate Eid-e-Milad in comfortable weather conditions.

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