Monsoon Report of Maharashtra State as on 12th August 2020

Monsoon Report of Maharashtra State as on 12th August 2020
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Monsoon 2020 made normal onset in the state on 11th June. It arrived through South Konkan & South Madhya Maharashtra and gradually made advancement and covered the entire state on 14th June. Monsoon arrived in Mumbai, Pune, and Nasik around 14th June and in Nagpur on 13th June. Monsoon rains performance in the month of June in the drought-prone Madhya Maharashtra & Marathawada sub-divisions was were fabulous both sub-division recorded rains in the excess category, whereas Konkan & Goa and Vidharbha sub-divisions recorded normal rains. The July rains performance as a state was Normal with Marathawada receiving excess rains, Konkan & Goa, Madhya-Maharashtra, and Vidharbha observed normal rains. The month of August is also producing a good amount of rains around the state, Konkan & Goa, and Madhya-Maharashtra is receiving the most. Monsoon performance for the rest of august also looks good, especially for Vidharbha and Konkan. 

Severe Cyclone Nisarga:

Before that Severe Cyclonic Storm, Nisarga made landfall 95 km south of Mumbai near the town of Alibag in the month of June since 1891. It had a maximum 3-min sustained winds of about 110 km/hr & 1-min Sustained winds of about 140 km/hr. It caused 6 fatalities and resulted in US$665million damage. Mumbai escaped the fury of the storm but managed to witness strong winds and heavy rains.

Watch the Severe Cyclone Nisarga before landfall.

Now let's see how monsoon performed in the state (months-wise):


Konkan & Goa: It received normal rains around 708.8mm(+3) against the normal of 689.7mm.

Madhya Maharashtra: It received a higher range of excess rains around 232.9mm(+48) against the normal of 157mm.

Marathawada: It received excess rains around 217.3mm(+57) against the normal of 138mm.

Vidharbha: It received normal rains around 168.2mm(-1) against the normal of 170.6mm.

India: It received above normal rains around 196.2mm(+18) against the normal of  166.9mm.


Konkan & Goa: It received normal rains around 1089.4mm(+2) against the normal of  1068.1mm.

Madhya Maharashtra: It received normal rains around 210.3mm(-13) against the normal of  240.8mm.

Marathawada: It received excess rains around 232.1mm(+30) against the normal of  179.1mm.

Vidharbha: It received normal rains around 254.4mm(-17) against the normal of  307mm.

India: It received below normal rains around 257.6mm(-10) against the normal of  285.3mm.

Maharashtra State Monsoon Performance as of 12 Aug 2020:

Monsoon performance as of 12th August is normal but not well distributed. Districts in Marathawada have received excess rains and on the other hand districts in Vidharbha have received deficit rains. But the good news is Marathwada and Madhya-Maharashtra have received normal to excess rains. About the Konkan division, it rarely fails during Monsoon and gets an abundance of rain amount and the same is the case in this monsoon season, Konkan has received very good rains. for the remainder of the month, the monsoon performance will be normal.

Sub-Division Wise Rainfall Departure as of 15th August 2020:

Konkan & Goa: It received normal rains around 2607.6mm(+18) against the normal of  2214mm.

Madhya-Maharashtra: It received excess rains around 635mm(+25) against the normal of  509.6mm.

Marathawada: It received excess rains around 536.5mm(+33) against the normal of  404.6mm.

Vidharbha: It received normal rains around 579.2mm(-9) against the normal of  636mm.

Maharashtra: It received above normal rains around 783mm(+13) against the normal of  694.2mm.

Some Maharashtra Cities Seasonal Rainfall data as of 15th August 2020:

  • Mumbai(SCZ): 2705.6mm(+1053.2mm)
  • Mumbai(CLB): 2528.7mm(+1003.7mm)
  • Pune: 525.1mm(+109.7mm)
  • Aurangabad: 950.3mm(+587.6mm)
  • Nagpur: 962.4mm(+329mm)
Image Source: The Hindu

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