The Record-Breaking Southwest Monsoon Season 2019 Has Finally Withdrawn From Mumbai Today.

Gateway of India, Mumbai
The Record-Breaking Southwest Monsoon Season 2019 Has Finally Withdrawn From Mumbai Today.

Mumbai: After a long wait the record-breaking southwest monsoon 2019 has officially withdrawn from Mumbai today. This season the monsoon withdrawal commenced on 9th October from the extreme northwestern part of the country I.e from the northwestern part of Rajasthan state with a record-setting delay of about staggering  38 days. Monsoon normally withdraws from northwestern Rajasthan after 1st September, It is never attempted before 1st September.

The Reasons for the Monsoon 2019 Withdrawal Record Delay:
1) The back to back-formation of low-pressure areas over the north bay and moving in west/northwest direction towards the Rajasthan state. 
2) The depression that had formed over the Gujarat state. Which halted the monsoon withdrawal process. It was attracting humid wind from both the Arabian sea as well as the Bay of Bengal. It had given very heavy rains in Gujarat as well as southeastern Rajasthan.

Both these reasons halted the process of anticyclone formation over the Rajasthan. As it is the formation of a high-pressure area over the northwestern region of the country which causes the monsoon to withdraw.  
High-pressure areas are those which are associated with slow wind movement and stable weather.

Monsoon Withdrawal 2019 dates as per IMD:

Oct 9th: Northwest Rajasthan, southern Punjab, few parts of west & south Haryana.

Oct 10th: Northeast Rajasthan, extreme north M.P, entire west Rajasthan, Punjab, Haryana & Delhi, most parts of west U.P, Few parts of east U.P.

Oct 11th: Few parts of the north  Arabian sea, Most parts of Kutch, North Gujarat region, North M.P, Entire U.P, and west Bihar.

Oct 12th: Most parts of north Arabian sea, entire kutch, and Bihar, Most parts of Saurashtra, Gujarat region, Jharkhand few parts of North Chattisgarh, and West Bengal

Oct 13th: Entire Saurashtra, most parts of the Gujarat region, M.P and few more parts of north Chhattisgarh.

Oct 14th: Entire north Arabian sea, Vidarbha, northeast India, West Bengal, Jharkhand. Most parts of northern Maharashtra, Few parts of Odisha and extreme north Telangana & north bay.

Conditions are favorable for further withdrawal of southwest monsoon from west & central India during next 2 days.

Image source: IMD.

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