India: The phenomenal four months-long 2019 Monsoon season statistically came to an end on 30th September 2019, as per IMD. This Monsoon season was the best performer in the last 25 years, as it received 10% more rains than the long-period average which stands at 88cm for the country as a whole. The country is divided into four regions a) Northwest region b) East and Northeast India region c) Central India region and d) South peninsular India region. The central India region was the best performer as it recorded stunning 129% excess amounts of rains, south peninsular India recorded about 116% excess rains, which was followed by northwest India and east and northeast which recorded less than normal rains of about 98% and 88% respectively. Talking about monsoon withdrawal, we are in the 1st week of Oct but still, the withdrawal process has not begun.  Normally Southwest Monsoon starts withdrawing from the western part of the country I.e west Rajasthan after 1st September. It may begin withdrawing from 2nd week of September. Now Let's focus on the Mumbai region

Extraordinary monsoon season witnessed by the Mumbai region, as it broke all-time monsoon rain record which was recorded in the year 1954. The city received the 2nd highest July rainfall and was few mm away for setting a new all-time high  July rain record.  The city also managed to broke the all-time September month rain record. The City recorded 5 days of extreme rainfall event in one single season, which is alarming.

Monsoon Onset in Mumbai :
The normal monsoon onset date for Mumbai is June 10th, but the monsoon 2019 made its onset on June 25th. It was a delay of about 15 days. The main reason for the delay was the cyclone Vayu, which had formed in the Arabian sea which weakened the monsoon current & soaked all the moisture around itself.

June Monsoon Rains in Mumbai:
As the monsoon onset was delayed for about 15 days the first half of the month was almost dry, also the initial few days of 2nd half of the month followed the same path. It was the June 25th when monsoon marked its arrival in the city, after which the humongous rain show begins. It rained so much so that it surpassed the monthly mean in the last 5 days of the month.

Significant rainfall figures:
June 29th: 234.8 mm. (extreme rainfall event)
June 30th: 92.9 mm.
Monthly normal: 493mm
Actual recorded: 515.7mm

July Monsoon Rains in Mumbai
The month of July which is the rainiest month for the city also started with a bang. It rained so enormously that the entire city was brought to an almost standstill for several times. It rained so much so that it surpassed its monthly mean in the first 10 days of the month which stands at 840 mm. The rains did not stop after that and went on pouring enormously, it was just short of only a few mm of rains to set a new all-time high July rain record. July ended with a large excess category of rains and with 2nd highest rain record.
Significant rainfall figures:
July 1st: 91.9mm
July 2nd: 375.2mm(extreme rainfall event)
July 6th: 77.8mm
July 27th: 219mm(extreme rainfall event)
July 31st: 65.1mm
Month normal: 840mm
Actual recorded: 1464.8mm

August Monsoon Rains in Mumbai:
The month of August followed the same path, wherein widespread heavy to very heavy rains were recorded in the first 5 days of the month. The city was thrown out of the gear, but sooner after that, there was a lull period when the rain God did showed some mercy on Mumbai people. After which again the rains gained the intensity and started pouring enormously at the month-end.
Significant rainfall figures:
Aug 3rd: 204mm (extreme rainfall event)
Month normal: 585.2mm
Actual Recorded: 574mm

September Monsoon Rains in Mumbai:
The month of September began with a bang as the rain show began from the first day of September itself. The city was paralyzed on several occasions, severe waterlogging was seen, the lifeline of Mumbai came to a halt, air traffic was also impacted by this rains. The September monthly mean was surpassed in the first few days of the month sooner it also managed to broke the all-time high September rain record. The month of September saw widespread heavy rains and ended with a large excess category of rains. The first half of the month saw around 900mm rains, while the second half of the month saw around 216mm rains.
Significant rainfall figures:
Sep 5th: 242.2mm
Monthly normal: 341.4mm.
Actual recorded: 1115.7mm.

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