INDIA MONSOON 2019: Monsoon Withdrawal Delayed By Stunning 36 Days, Indication of Withdrawal from 10th Oct.

India: After glimpsing Four months-long monsoon season, which has given record-breaking rains to almost 3/4th area of the country the whole country is now praying for its withdrawal. Monsoon season 2019 statistically ended with an above-normal rainfall of about (110%). The main beneficiaries were the central India region and south India region which received about 29% and 16% surplus rains. Talking about the monsoon 2019 record, Monsoon 2019 gave the highest rains in the last 25 years.

Central India region:
In the central India region, The state of Maharashtra, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, and goa experienced record floods. Hundreds of people lost their life with still many people missing, lakh of houses were completely destroyed, Thousands of houses partially eradicated. Wherein the above all the states recorded excess category rains while Odisha and Chhattisgarh received normal rains on the positive side. The main reason for such humongous rains was the series of low-pressure areas developing over the north bay and traveling in westerly/northwesterly direction.

South India region:
Its Monsoon story was identical to that of the central India region. Despite delayed arrival of monsoon, all the states of south India received either normal monsoon rains or excess monsoon rains, wherein the state of  Karnataka received excess rains while remaining states received normal rains in the positive side. The Karnataka and Kerala underwent severe flooding which caused huge loss of life and property.

Monsoon Withdrawal:
The monsoon usually starts withdrawing from the northwestern part of the country after 1st September but this year there is a different scenario. after a delay of about 36 days. Monsoon has shown signs of withdrawal from the northwestern part of the country. according to imd, most probably Monsoon is all set to withdraw after 2 days I.e from 10th Oct. As an anticyclone is persisting over Rajasthan in the lower troposphere. After which in the next week it will withdraw from the whole northwestern India region and few parts of central India.

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